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  • By Ruben Pizarro
  • File Sharing System - Front/Back End System - Boostrap Compatible

Car Dealership System - LIVE PREVIEW
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OIf your business requires any in-office file sharing system that's easy to upload and retrieve documents quickly and on any type of device then our File Management System is the web solution you are looking for! Upload any type of format document you specify quickly and effectively. Authorized admins and registered users can post comments to each file. Call (863)409-1734 and schedule your 1 hour free consultation!

Backend System

Car Dealership BackEnd System

Back end systems support the company's back office. This system securely collects input from users or other systems for processing online, which is made available anywhere on any device, phone, or tablet..

Our front & backend system supports the following features:

  • Easy Secure File Management
  • Client Sign-up & Management
  • File Types & Size Limits
  • Comments & Messages
  • Translatable Titles
  • Multiple Color Schema/Templates
  • Responsive & Diverse Design
  • Boostrap Ready/Mobile Friendly
  • Multiple Color Schema/Templates

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